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Every donation, large or small, is critical to JAM’s ongoing support of the arts.

JAM's ambitious and creative undertakings are funded annually by donations and grants, including from: Arts Council England, National Lottery Community Fund, PRS Foundation, Orchestras Live, Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust and Kent Community Foundation.

Central to our funding are our private donors, enabling us to find match funding and access Gift Aid.

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Every donation is vital to JAM and its enablement of the arts. If you would like to make a one-time donation rather than becoming a Supporter, this would be gratefully received.

Current Supporters

JAM is exceedingly grateful to the following individuals, businesses and organisations
whose generosity enables our creative work.

Commissioning Patrons

Nicola Armitage
Marah Dickson-Wright
Malcolm & Charlotte Watkinson
John Parke Wright IV


Charles Cochrane
Susan Coleman
Robert Colvill
Mark & Jenny Dumenil
Richard & Celia Duncan
Richard & Angie Fry
Graham & Marion Jackson
Alex & Jill Mackay
Dan & Marianna Wiener
Martin & Sarah Young


Louise Barton
Jane Burnet
Douglas Chapman
Richard Goodall
John Gordon
Alex Gordon-Shute
Ann Guest
Penelope Hamilton
Isabel Henniger

Marianne More-Gordon
Charles Morris
Richard Peat
Robert Plowman & Robert Myers
Paul & Pauline Reynolds
Wendy Richley
Victoria Salem & R Turvey
Jeremy & Valerie Shaw
Mike Sharpe & Tricia Spain
David & Jenny Tate

Friends of JAM

Richard Alderton
Pearl Anderson
Dennis Andrews
Teresa Baker
Derek & Carole Collins-Biggs
Kenneth & Margaret Bird
Stuart & Ann Bilsland
Peter Bristowe
John Busby
Brian Bussey
Hazel Butcher
Joe & Rita Butterworth
Peter Callery
Chris & Diana Castle
Jean Chippindale
Gaynor Cobb
Jayne Cohen
Jeremy Coltart
Willie Cooper

Geraldine Curtis
Sue Danby
Nicholas Davey
Mark & Carol Dennis
Gawain Douglas
Sian Edwards
Jim Eustace
Margaret Firminger
William Fittall
Michael Foad
Richard Fosbery
Richard & Carolyn Frewer
Moira Gaines
Michael Gamble
Diana Garnham
Steve Gasson
Adrian & Pat Goodsell
Ian Gordon
David Harman

Anna Hazelden
David Hill
Tom Hoffman
Elizabeth Hopkin
Antony Hughes
Brin Hughes
Regina Jaschke
Barbara Kempston
Chindu Kuruvilla
Ian Mella
Gary & Edith McCarthy
Linda McCubbin
Paul McIntyre
Tina Metcalfe
Michael & Susannah
Valerie Miller
Dimity Morgan
Ivan & Mary Moseley

Kirsten Offer
Andrea Ottermayer
Roxanna Panufnik
Ann Paddick
Wendy Parsons
Robert Phillips
Philip Raymont
Ray and Jane Rivers
Christopher & Jocelyn Rowe
Josephine Rowling
Reece & Jane Shearsmith
Ingrid Slaughter
Georgia & Lee Small
Judith Statt
Raman Subba-Row
Nick Thomas
Richard & Catherine Thomas
Sheila & Nigel Turley
Eve Wilson
Elizabeth & Nathan Winters

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