Creating a legacy of new music

Over the past 20 years, JAM has commissioned an immense number of works from some of the most important composer in the UK influencing the classical music repertoire in the UK and around the world.

JAM on the Marsh is a creative, dynamic, forward-thinking arts organisation, with new music at its core.

It regularly collaborates with some of the most important composers, performers and other like-minded organisations; BBC Singers, London Mozart Players, Onyx Brass and BBC Radio 3.

JAM on the Marsh
John Armitage (17 March 1935 - 3 December 1998)

JAM (the John Armitage Memorial Trust) was set up in 2000 by Edward Armitage, Charles Cochrane and Timothy Jackson in memory of John Armitage, initially to enable, promote, commission and support new music in the UK. In this role, JAM commissions regularly win awards, including several British Composer Awards, receive world-wide broadcasts with BBC Radio 3 and have been accepted into both the concert and church repertoire in the UK and around the world. JAM also invites composers to submit music annually for performance with its commissions.

Through JAM on the Marsh, JAM’s multi-art festival based on Kent’s Romney Marsh piloted in 2013, JAM has grown into a significant, broad multi-arts organisation. JAM on the Marsh works with leading lights in the fields of theatre, visual art, photography, poetry and education, with music still very much at its core. JAM on the Marsh brings arts opportunities and education to this deprived part of the UK, that would not otherwise happen.

JAM and JAM on the Marsh are well known and respected by composers, artists, venues, funders and media alike, especially for their collaborations within the UK and further afield, such as in the US and Canada.

JAM on the Marsh
Ed Armitage (left) and John Armitage (right) in London 1998
Paul Mealor: Piano Concerto
Daniel Saleeb: Soliloquy
Rory Boyle: Songs from the Marshes
Tom Harrold: Voices of Vimy
Paul Mealor: Shadows of War
Thomas LaVoy: O Great Beyond
Thea Musgrave: Voices of our Ancestors
Giles Swayne: Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo
Paul Mealor: The Farthest Shore
Julian Phillips: Body of Water
Philip Cashian: All Things Wear Silence
Tarik O'Regan: The Night's Untruth
Paul Mealor: Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Steve Martland: Darwin
Gabriel Jackson: The Spacious Firmament 1 & 2
Adam Gorb: Thoughts Scribbled on a Blank Wall
Judith Bingham: My Heart Strangely Warm'd
Paul Patterson: Fifth Continent
John McCabe: Songs of the Garden
Jonathan Dove: The Far Theatricals of Day
Tim Jackson: No Answer
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