International lifestyle photographer Wendy Carrig brings a thought-provoking exhibition to the JAM on the Marsh festival in Kent.


Picture of Wendy Carrig

Wendy Carrig


Wendy Carrig’s thought-provoking exhibition Washed Up brings attention to a significant topic of our time and provides an example of human impact on nature.

The beautiful but alarming photographs show items found and left on the beaches from Dungeness to Dymchurch. Wendy’s exhibition is a powerful comment on our culture of waste, drawing the observer in with its beautiful compilation of discarded objects, ranging from plastic lighters to bottles and cartridges. At the same time, the photos confront and challenge the viewer, promoting reflection of and discussion about the status quo.

Wendy comments: “I moved to the coast about twenty years ago and soon became a passionate beachcomber, attracted to the manmade flotsam and jetsam of sea-worn metal and brightly coloured plastics. The quantities did of course bother me, but as most people back then, I was naïve and didn’t consider the rubbish as an actual threat. It was always my intention to do something with my collection, and recent developments and realisations sparked an interest in me to use the objects in photographs, to illustrate this crisis. I knew I wanted to make a statement.”

Find out more about Wendy’s artwork, artistic process and inspiration in a special ‘Meet the Artist’ talk at 6pm on 7 July at St George’s Church, Ivychurch. 


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