Penny Grahambrings a new series of stoneware to JAM on the Marsh.


Picture of Penny Graham

Penny Graham


After last year’s successful exhibition Earth From Space, Penny Graham returns again to Old Romney with a new series of plates, platters and roundels, based on images of space from those marvellous telescopes, Hubble and James Webb as well as from the International Space Station.

Penny describes the inspiration for her exhibition: “For us to have glimpses of our universe formed millions of years ago is gob-smackingly awe-inspiring, humbling and simply amazing. This project has been decidedly more challenging than Earth From Space, given the nature of the subject. Nebulae are nebulous by definition. To attempt to capture the filmy nature of gas and the glory of galaxies with glaze is technically tricky, especially on a black background.”

Ceramicists will appreciate that unfired glazes in any particular colour group look similar when unfired, so achieving subtlety is an interesting project. All pieces have been fired to stoneware (1230C) which renders them tough, so they are ovenproof, frost proof and also food safe if not glazed with a textured glaze.


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