JAM Art 2019

JAM Gallery presents Sculpt the World with Jon Foreman.

The JAM on the Marsh festival returns to Romney Marsh from the 4th July 2019, with outstanding music, superb children’s events, a showcase of amazing theatrical performances, an overview of our wonderful churches, plus much more.

This year we are bringing our most exciting exhibition to date. From the 4th July, we welcome Jon Foreman to Sculpt the World for JAM on the Marsh. Jon is the creator of a variety of land art using only nature. Best known as a beach artist, Jon has also created many fantastic pieces using stones, leaves, wood and other natural resources.

Every day, during JAM on the Marsh, Jon Foreman will create art at Dymchurch Beach, Dymchurch, Kent. Jon will be creating and developing innovative beach art using only the materials at his disposal. Jon will wow visitors to the beach every day and show that creating art is not just resigned to sculpture or canvas.

The display will not last long as it succumbs to the sea, ultimately disappearing leaving a blank beach for the next day. Each day will provide a new breathtaking creation from Jon.

The JAM Gallery will visually document each day’s art, meaning that these spectacular pieces of beach art will not be lost in the returning tide. We will present new images at different stages of creation, from the beginning to the end result. Jon will be producing his fabulous creations over eleven days.

For more details on Jon and his work, please go to https://sculpttheworld.smugmug.com/

We are very excited to welcome Jon to Romney Marsh and look forward to seeing you all during JAM on the Marsh. For further details or questions please contact us by clicking here

JAM on the Marsh is delighted to be partnering with Flying Pix for this year’s event. Flying Pix is based on the Marsh and offer professional aerial photography and video solutions. We would be unable to deliver the stunning aerial images that you see below without Carsten at Flying Pix. For further information and details of services from Flying Pix go to www.flyingpix.co.uk.

Scroll down the page to see the images from JAM Gallery and Jon Foreman

Please check back daily for new images.

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