1 January -

31 April

Between the Sea and the Sky

Tristan Fewings

Between the Sea and the Sky

Tristan Fewings

1 January - 31 April


BETWEEN the SEA and the SKY is the second RETROSPECTIVE SERIES exhibition featuring Tristan Fewings, an editorial photographer shooting with Getty Images. Having spent years wandering across the Romney Marsh, Tristan brings unique vantage points and imagery to the wild landscape of this area of the UK.
As part of a two-year residency with JAM on the Marsh, Between the Sea and the Sky builds on themes from Tristan Fewing’s previous exhibition in 2016 which followed his journey along the unique coastline of Romney Marsh. This exhibition turns inland, criss-crossing the Marsh with my camera to explore its landscape.
A quick glance across the seemingly empty fields of the Marsh reveals little other than the wide sense of space. But spend serious time here wandering slowly down forgotten tracks, backroads and the hidden waterways of this frontier like land, its history, myths and secrets begin to be revealed. With your eye drawn to the constant horizon it is easy to lose yourself here under the vast skies as you walk with ghosts of lonely shepherds and smugglers hiding out in abandoned ruins; history lies scattered amongst the land lost and gained to catastrophic storms, whilst the threat of invasion looms and mystery remains.
“Navigating this landscape is easy, there is no need of a map or compass, you can see your destination from miles away, the manmade structures that dot the land here become the way-markers, the Martello Towers echo the shape of the nuclear reactors at the end of the bay at Dungeness, The Watertower at Littlestone stands tall and proud. My favourite stretch is from Dymchurch to Littlestone.I have spent 9 years making these photos and will never tire of this incredible place.”


Picture of Tristan Fewings

Tristan Fewings

Editorial Photographer


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