Thurs | 13 August 2020 | 7:30 BST


with Anna Tilbrook

Artists presenting these concerts have adhered to strict and rigorous social distancing guidelines and safety measures.

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ElgarSea Pictures, Op.37
Sea Slumber Song
        2. In Haven (Capri)
        3. Sabbath Morning at Sea
        4. Where Corals Lie
        5. The Swimmer
DoveNights Not Spent Alone
        1. Recuerdo

        2. What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
        3. I Too Beneath Your Moon
Madeleine Dring: Five Betjeman Songs
        1. A Bay in Anglesey
        3. The Song of the Nightclub Proprietress
BrittenCabaret Songs
        1. Tell Me the Truth About Love

        2. Funeral Blues
        3. Johnny
        4. Calypso

#SolaceinNature has provided us with an important focus in this previously uncharted and often painful isolation in which we have found ourselves. The skies were fairer, the shores were firmer, the blossom more beautiful and endless sunshine reigned throughout a heady Spring and early Summer. As a result, this tag appeared to grow in significance on social media and gardeners and naturalists from novice to professional began to post pictures of previously ignored or uncultivated landscapes that gradually came to the fore. We had time to stand and stare and find salve in outdoor spaces that we hadn’t previously noticed; the birds were louder – I could hear a lark somewhere begin to sing about it.

Each of our programmed songs holds an allusion to our finding solace within nature, whether it is the focus of the song or a passing reference, which gives us a chance to exist outside ourselves and feel enveloped and protected by the natural world. In some instances, the world that was devised by the poet and the composer harks back to a halcyon era, recalling the influence of the sun, the moon, the mighty ocean or a solid oak.

Like us, we hope that you will also draw comfort and enjoyment from these songs and feel spirited away by the evocative poetry that led us to choose the programme. For these minutes spent together in performance with you, we can all feel collectively bound by the music and imagine brighter times ahead.

Rebecca & Anna

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