A highlight of previous JAM on the Marsh exhibitions from its inception in 2014 to present day.

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Amos Miller brings his unique eye to Dungeness, with a set of utterly beautiful images that take the area and very slightly turn it on its head. His images are both striking and challenging, though never alienating, whilst capturing the beauty of this unique shore in a spectacular and usual way. He comments, “I’ve always been struck by the beauty within the bleakness of Romney Marsh and the way human landmarks seem to have “osmosed” into the landscape. Human landmarks, from the medieval churches to the acoustic mirrors to the nuclear power station seem to live within the scenery rather than trespass upon it.”

Tristan Fewings

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JAM on the Marsh revisits Tristan Fewings wonderful pictures from his Between the Sea and the Sky exhibition. As a part of a two-year residency with JAM on the Marsh, this exhibition follows Tristan’s journey along the unique coastline of Romney Marsh.

Susan Pilcher

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CONFESSIONS of a NIGHT OWL is the first RETROSPECTIVE SERIES exhibition featuring Susan Pilcher, a New Romney-based photographer, who takes a unique approach to photographing the Marsh: every shot is taken at the dead of night, giving her audience an unusual and intriguing view of local structures and its star-filled skies.