Festival Exhibitions

at JAM on the Marsh 2024

Visual Arts is an important part of the JAM on the Marsh festival. This year we are thrilled to host five outstanding, free exhibitions on display daily at JAM on the Marsh, featuring a variety of genres: from paintings to prints, cyanotypes to pen and ink drawings. The artworks are exhibited in the festival venues, giving the audience the opportunity to explore the art ahead of or after attending an event.

The exhibitions were submitted to last year’s Call for Artists (which attracted over 70 submissions) and selected by our panel of experts, which included artist Jillian Bain Christie, photographer Tristan Fewings, printmaker Julian Walker and Festival Curator Nicholas Cleobury.

Whilst each exhibition is unique in its own right, they share a common theme: our environment. Inspired by the beauty of nature and man-made structures, the stunning artworks convey a deep sense of awareness and appreciation for our surroundings.

There is a chance to meet each artist during the festival.

Printmaker Michelle Keegan displays her first exhibitions at JAM on the Marsh arts festival in Kent.

Printmaker Michelle Keegan brings us an exhibition inspired by the pre-World War II giant sound mirrors of Denge. The acoustic aerial defence system acts as a departure point for the prints of the Romney Marsh-born artist, though they do not mimic their structure. Instead Michelle’s prints conduct conversations with the landscape and reflect her feelings, memories and notions of belonging, identity, rootedness, liminality, and ‘home’.

Festival Exhibitions are free to view.
St Leonard · Hythe · CT21 5DN

Painter James Norton exhibits at JAM on the Marsh with his powerful Marshlands paintings.

James Norton’s enchanting exhibition is rooted in the exploration of the landscape, with his artworks encapsulating the haunting beauty of the Hythe and Romney marshes. James’ artistic practice focuses on the relationship between humans and nature, and the impact of human presence on the environment. His paintings invite the viewer to reflect on the transformation and constant change of the landscape, as well as foster awareness and understanding of the effect of human interventions on Earth. 

Festival Exhibitions are free to view.
St Leonard · Hythe · CT21 5DN

Al Reffel debuts at the Marsh on the Marsh arts festival with your evocative Cyanotype Waves exhibition.

Al Reffel’s captivating cyanotype waves were informed by her relationship with the local coastline and natural environment. The Kent-based artist is process driven and lets the interaction between materials and the environment shape her artwork. Al’s cyanotypes were created by placing prepared (non-toxic) light sensitive paper on tideline edges, sometimes semi-submerged in sand and sediment – capturing the interplay of light, materials and environment.

Festival Exhibitions are free to view.
Marsh Academy Leisure Centre · Hythe · TN28 8BB

Following the theme of environment as inspiration, Paulo Gnecco transforms his observations of the natural world into vibrant works of art. Captivated by the diversity of his surroundings in his native Brazil, Paulo weaves elements of scientific enquiry, artistic expression and social reflection into his dynamic paintings. The artists’ works are characterised by threads superimposed on images with vibrant colours in the background, serving as a visual metaphor for the interconnectedness of all living things. 

Festival Exhibitions are free to view.
Marsh Academy Leisure Centre · Hythe · TN28 8BB

Painter John Ballard returns to the JAM on the Marsh festival bringing an exhibition of the famous Romney Marsh medieval churches to this multi-arts festival

Go on an art trail across Romney Marsh and Hythe and discover John Ballard’s triptychs of six mediaeval Marsh churches. Each triptych demonstrates the painter’s path of artistic development with a photograph of each church, a pen and ink drawing based on the photograph, and a second pen and ink drawing with colour. The subjects of John’s exhibition are six popular JAM on the Marsh venues.

Festival Exhibitions are free to view.
St Clement Old Romney · TN29 0HP  
St Dunstan Snargate · TN29 0EW     
St George Ivychurch · TN29 0AL  
St Leonard Hythe · CT21 5DL  
St Nicholas New Romney · TN28 8EU        
All Saint’s Lydd · TN29 9AJ  

All the artworks in the exhibitions will be for sale, enabling you to take a piece of JAM on the Marsh home with you.

The five exhibitions can be visited every day throughout the festival for free, with each artist giving an insight into their work, process and inspiration in special ‘Meet the Artist’ talks:

  • Sat, 6 July 6pm: James Norton, ahead of A Choral Feast with The Holst Singers and Stephen Layton | St Leonard, Hythe
  • Sun, 7 July 2pm: Michelle Keegan, ahead of An Afternoon in Vienna with the JAM Sinfonia | St Leonard, Hythe
  • Sun, 7 July 4.30pm: John Ballard, following An Afternoon in Vienna | St Leonard, Hythe
  • Wed, 10 July 4.45pm: Al Reffel & Paulo Grecco, following a screening of Derek Jarman’s War Requiem | Marsh Academy Leisure Centre, New Romney