Dark Harbour

by Julian Walker

Dark Harbour

by Julian Walker

8-18 July


Dark Harbour developed from a disappointment. Hesitating too long, Julian Walker failed to buy a print by William Black, entitled ‘Dark Harbour’. Working from memory, Julian set about trying to recreate the image, and to pursue it across a range of visual art media, printmaking in relief and intaglio, collage, drawing and sculpture. A pattern of motifs became established, together with a field of verbal imaginings and allusions.
It quickly became apparent that ‘Dark Harbour’ was creating more by its absence than by its still missed presence. Julian comments:
“Dark Harbour is about wanting something that is not what I wanted it to be, about the space of disappointment and wanting, and the compensations and comforts of loss. It is all the places I have felt comfortable of being wary of, and those places that I have felt wary of being comfortable with. Inevitably during the period of the pandemic, this has encompassed ideas of loss and darkness, and the dangerous appeal of lockdown, the space and situation we want to get out of, but which holds its own dangerous appeal of security and protection against the challenges of engaging with the world posited as a threat.”


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The ancient parish church of Hythe, St Leonard's has overlooked this historic Cinque Ports Town for nearly a thousand years. St Leonard's is also known as "the church with the bones," on account of its famous ossuary containing a large collection of human bones.
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