A Perfect Pairing

JAM announces new partnerships

JAM is thrilled to partner with Simpsons’ Wine Estate and Jukes Cordialities for our 11th JAM on the Marsh, bringing together organisations who share a passion for quality and world-class experiences.

Creativity is the heart and soul of JAM, so working together with two creative and innovative brands that are equally invested in excellence and high-quality performance, is a natural fusion of first-class drinks and the arts.

Raise a glass with us to celebrate our new partnerships and get a taste of Simpsons & Jukes’ premium beverages at:

JAM on the Marsh festival partners with Simpsons Wine Estate, a local winery in the Kent area.

Established in 2012 by Ruth and Charles Simpson, the Estate is located in Barham, near Canterbury, Kent, amid the pristine beauty of the Elham Valley – an unspoilt seam in the North Downs where the contours of the land, climate and soil could scarcely be improved upon for viticulture. They believe that the finest wines convey a rich sense of provenance and integrity, firmly rooted in the characteristics and exquisite nuances of their terroir.

In September 2016, Oz Clarke opened their state-of-the-art winery, located within a very short distance of their three vineyard sites, prior to their first harvest. Since then the winemakers have produced a highly-acclaimed range of English still and sparkling wines, garnering awards and recognition from around the globe.

JAM on the Marsh festival partners with Simpsons Wine Estate, a local winery in the Kent area.

This up-and-coming luxury British wine producer is committed to sustainability and offering memorable experiences nestled in their idyllic vineyards and winery. The Glass House Tasting Room provides an elegant and intimate space for celebrations and from here you can view our world-class winery. Simpsons’ Wine Estate boasts the unique attraction of a helter-skelter slide from the tasting room to the winery. We like our events to finish with an unforgettable flourish down the “Fruit Chute” slide!

The month of June sees corks popping across the nation to raise a glass to English Wine Week. From the 15th – 23rd June, there will be celebrations to toast this burgeoning, home-grown industry.

JAM on the Marsh partners with Jukes Cordials bring a non-alcoholic version of quality drinks.

Jukes is an award-winning brand founded by Matthew Jukes, an internationally known wine professional with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. The mission was to craft a drink that enhanced the dining experience – just like traditional wine. Today, Jukes is being served in more than 20 Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide. 

Jukes organic apple cider vinegar drinks are aromatic and dry in style, each cordial is carefully blended using high-quality, all-natural ingredients. The collection includes Jukes 1 – The Classic White, a rich depth of Jukes 6 – The Dark Red, and the refreshing blush of Jukes 8 – The Rosé. It’s available in two formats: as a concentrate, meant to be diluted with chilled still, sparkling or tonic water, and as a premixed sparkling drink, best served over ice. Alcohol-free, tiny calories and 100% plant-based, makes Jukes the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their beverage game without compromising their well-being. Each blend, from the ingredients to the packaging, reflects Jukes’ commitment to zero waste and sustainability.

Jukes recently achieved outstanding success at the 2024 World Alcohol-Free Awards, winning seven awards, including three gold medals and the prestigious “World’s Best Alcohol-Free Drinks Range” award.